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About Jeremy Coates
Jeremy Coates
Innovative Marketer / Leader
Business Development Coach.
Founder of the Innovative Marketing Trinity.
Entrepreneur Business Coach 
Jeremy's Favorite Topics Include...
  • Innovative Marketing Blueprints
  • ​Business Development Blueprints
  • ​Leadership and Customer Value Optimiztion
  • Systems and Automation Designs
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Jeremy Coates Awards, Titles and Designations:
Jeremy Coates John Maxwell Leadership Coach
Certified Leadership Coach
To Coach, Train and Speak on Leadership and Communication Skills
Jeremy Coates and John Maxwell
Jeremy Coates - Ceritified Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker
Jeremy Coates Jack Canfield Success Coach
Certified Success Coach
To coach, train and speak on success principles
Jeremy Coates with Jack Canfield
Jeremy Coates- Certified Success Trainer
Jeremy Coates SmallBiz Associate
Certified SmallBiz Associate Jeremy Coates
Thru Legalshield and GoSmallBiz
Assisting Business owners in ...
  • Unlimited Legal Questions 
  • Legal Protection Packages
  • Unlimited Business Consulting Questions
  • ​And Much More...
Jeremy Coates- Certified Small Biz Specialist
Jeremy Coates Customer Value Optimization Specialist
Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist
Also a Ceritified Digital Marketer Partner
Jeremy Coates - Certified Partner with Digital Marketer

Jeremy Coates Mini Manifesto
Hello and Thank you for visiting, 

I'm Jeremy Coates and I want to thank you for your interest in becoming an Innovative Marketer.  

I started this journey well over 20 years ago.  

When I was finishing up my college career as an athlete, 

I felt like I lost my purpose.  

I chased the wrong dream,

 and then I started a Business in the hopes of make money and becoming successful.  

One problem was, I started the wrong company, 

because it was not focused with my purpose in mind,

 and wasn't focused on my dream. 

Back then, I accumulated a lot of certifications and experience so that I could put my dream to the test, to find my true purpose in life.  

I also started a marketing agency and learned direct response copywriting so that I could market another business.  

And While I experienced success, I still felt it was not my true calling.  

TODAY, I am focused on helping self help professional and agencies reach their full potential.  

That is my true purpose in life.  Helping people like you.

I have developed a principle that incorporates the best in 3 areas that it takes to become successful and truly free. 

This principle helps find your true purpose, building an unstoppable business and automating it.

This principle is call the Innovative Marketing Trinity, incorporating all of my training...

  and focusing on custom building your Leadership, Customer Value Optimization, and Systems.

Using these timeless principles,,,

  ~We ensure that every entrepreneur and business owner knows their purpose, and we put their dream to the test.  

  ~We raise leadership skills so they can build championship teams and circles of influence. 

  ~We design marketing and sales strategies that cover the cost of advertising, so that you are achieving leads, sales and return on investment.

  ~We also build systems so that automate your business, 

SO YOU can spend more times doing the things you love, 

Like spending time with family, hobbies and making a difference in the world.

Again, I want to thank you, and encourage you to sign up for a free strategy call, to see if you qualify to work with us.

Jeremy Coates
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